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The Finance Operations include:

  • Financial Administration
  • Budgeting and Financial Analysis
  • Accounting and Auditing of City Resources
  • Establishment of Sound Internal Controls
  • Cash Management
  • Debt Management
  • Purchasing
  • Issuing Alarm Permits


  • Investments
  • Billing and Collection of Monies Due to the City
  • Issuing of Business Licenses
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Utility Billing
  • Providing Support to Internal Departments.


CITY HALL | Finance Department

117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
(818) 898-1212 |

Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday* 8 am to 5 pm

* Note: City Hall is closed every other Friday due to a 9/80 work schedule.

The City’s accounts payable function handles the payment of invoices to all City vendors. Our goal is to ensure that all vendors are paid promptly and accurately.

To receive payment from the City of San Fernando for goods and services, you must:

  • Have a Business License and W-9 Form on file with the City.
  • Remit an original invoice (not a statement) to the Accounts Payable Division at the address below with the purchase order number, correct pricing, description of product or service, and period covered.

City payment terms are net 30 days provided that all required approvals are received. Checks are released and mailed USPS first class on the first and third Wednesday of each month unless other arrangements are made.


If for some reason a City-issued check is lost, a duplicate check may be issued by having a notarized affidavit filed with the City.



Sandra Franco-Rivas, Senior Account Clerk
(818) 898-7345 |

Annual Permit Fee $25
False Alarm Charge Free (first three)

$140 each (four to six)

$210 each (seven and each additional)

False Alarm for Robbery Activation (Panic Button) $100 each
Semi-Annual Billing (if directly wired to the Police Department) $180 (business)

$90 (residential

No Permit on File Fee $50


  • Do I need an Alarm Permit for my home or business security system?

Yes. Every resident and business owner must obtain an alarm permit from the City if they have active alarm system.

  • What does "False Alarm" mean?

False alarm means an activated alarm signal, which is responded to by the Police Department, for which no emergency situation exists.

  • How often do I pay for the Alarm Permit?

The Alarm Permit is renewable every year. The permits are issued based on the City's Fiscal Year (July 1 through June 30).

  • Do I receive a Permit Certificate?

Yes. An Alarm Permit Certificate will be mailed to you annually to display at your residence and/or business location.

  • How do I avoid false alarm charges?

In order to avoid charges for false alarm responses, please ensure that your alarm equipment is functioning correctly and that your family and/or employees are accurately trained and know how to operate the device effectively.

  • How do I avoid paying additional fees?

Avoid paying a $50 No Permit On File Fee by contacting the City to request an Alarm Permit Application today!


Sandra Soto, Senior Account Clerk
(818) 898-1245 |

Any person that transacts or carries on any business, trade, or profession in the City of San Fernando must have a valid Business Licenses issued by the City (SFCC §22-28). For businesses located within the City, a Business License must be obtained before conducting business. Businesses located outside of the City, even if licensed by another jurisdiction, must obtain a San Fernando Business License before doing any business in the San Fernando City limits.

The following questions can help assess whether you need a license.

  • Am I involved in the retail or wholesale selling of merchandise, equipment or other material items?
  • Am I leasing equipment or other items to others?
  • Am I receiving revenue from the rental of living accommodations?
  • Am I receiving rental revenue from property used by others to conduct business?
  • Do I have a California State Contractor’s License?
  • Am I in a profession that requires special certification or licensing?
  • Am I engaged in any activities which may be perceived by others to be of a “business” nature?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you need a City business license. 

The process is simple:

  • Please refer to our Establishing a Business or Expanding a Business Section below, it outlines all the steps and requirements you should complete before applying for a City business license.
  • Once those items are in order, you may complete the Business License Application online or by phone: or (818) 898-1211
  • A separate license is required for each branch or location of business and for Swap Meet Business License. All business licenses are based on calendar year and expire on December 31, so they must be renewed January of each year.

Starting March 1st, penalties are assessed at a rate of 10% per month up to 100%.

Note: Licenses are not required for those businesses exempted by state or federal statutes.


(818) 898-1211 |

Information Technology services are provided through a competitively procured professional services contract with Knight Communications.

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The Finance Department prepares the City’s award winning Budget document and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) as well as various other required financial reports, including, but not limited to, Annual Measure A Report, mid-year financial review, and grant related reports.

The City has also partnered with a leading citizen transparency software firm, Socrata, to deploy an easy-to-use suite of financial transparency applications to drive greater government accountability and transparency.  With these applications, the City is able to publish budget and expenditure data quickly, economically, and in a user-friendly way.  Rather than wading through hundreds of pages of scanned financial documents or confusing Excel spreadsheets, citizens, stakeholders and staff can quickly access detailed, up-to-date budget and spending data wherever they can access the internet. The charts, graphs, and images are attractive, navigable, and easy to understand.

The financial transparency applications may be accessed by clicking the links below:


Nick Kimball, Finance Director
(818) 898-1212 |

The Finance Department oversees employee time reports, paycheck processing, tax withholding, pension reporting and assists units in adhering to policies and procedures consistent with all Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) provisions, State and Federal laws and pay practices negotiated with unions representing various bargaining units.



Monica Miramontes, Senior Account Clerk II
(818) 898-1216 |

The City of San Fernando strives to acquire all goods and services in the right quality and quantity, on a timely basis, as efficiently as possible, and at the lowest overall cost. To achieve this objective, the City’s goal is to encourage competition amongst its vendors, fairness in providing access to city business by vendors, and integrity by City staff when dealing with the purchasing process.

  • Doing business with the City of San Fernando
  • Accounts Payable

The City has both formal and informal procurement procedures.

  • The formal contract procedure (sealed bid) process is to be used when the estimated value of needed equipment, materials, supplies or maintenance service contract is $25,000.00 or greater. See Municipal Section Code 21A.14
  • The informal contract procedure process is to be used when the estimated value of needed equipment, materials, supplies or maintenance service contract is less than $25,000.00. See Municipal Section code 21A.15 for details and exceptions.
  • RFP’s & Current Bid Opportunities The purchasing website lists upcoming and current bids for contracts in excess of $25,000. The city makes so many purchases less than $25,000 that the best way to find out about these purchases is to remain in contact with the various user departments.



Sandra Franco-Rivas, Senior Account Clerk
(818) 898-7345 |

The Finance Department provides all finance administration services for the Successor Agency to the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency as well as staff support for the Oversight Board to the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency.

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Nick Kimball, Finance Director
(818) 898-7307 |

Water and Sewer payments may be made at the Finance Counter during regular business hours, or via the night drop box located in front of City Hall.


Sonia Gomez-Garcia Interim Finance Director (818) 898-1215
Eulalio G. Macias Finance Office Specialist (818) 898-1212


Sandra Franco-Rivas Senior Account Clerk (818) 898-7345


Sandra Soto Senior Account Clerk (818) 898-1245


Monica Miramontes Senior Account Clerk II (818) 898-1216


Margarita Solis City Treasurer/Treasurer Assistant (818) 898-1207
Luz Cruz Deputy Treasurer/Office Clerk (818) 898-1208


Knight Communications Consultant (818) 336-9139


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