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The Water Division is responsible for all aspects of the Water Department, including overseeing:

  • Production;
  • Procurement; and
  • Conservation of safe potable water for the City’s residential and business community.

The Sewer Division:

  • Performs maintenance of the City’s sanitary sewer system by scheduled routine cleaning of sewer main lines and manholes; and
  • Is made up of approximately 40 miles (215,915 linear feet) of mains and over 800 manholes.


OPERATIONS CENTER | Public Works Department

120 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
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To Report a Water Issue (Leaking/Broken Water Meter, Fire Hydrant Knockdown, or Broken Water Main)
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Monday through Thursday

7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday *

8 am to 5 pm

* Note: City Hall is closed every other Friday due to a 9/80 work schedule.

The City contracts with the City of Los Angeles for sewage treatment and disposal.

Since 1985, the City has contracted with the County of Los Angeles for the enforcement of the City’s Industrial Waste Program. Industrial waste permit fees cover the cost of the program.


Dale Warren, Public Works Field Supervisor II
(818) 898-1293 |

The Utility Billing Division provides for customer service needs and utility billing for water, sewer, refuse, recycling, fire services, and hydrants on private property. 

CLICK HERE for more information on all utility services in the City of San Fernando


Sandra Soto, Senior Account Clerk
(818) 898-1245 |

The Water Distribution Division is responsible for providing water to all City water customers in sufficient quantities to meet domestic and fire service demands; maintenance of approximately 66.5 miles of water mains, 5,264 water services, and 548 fire hydrants. The Division also installs new services (domestic and fire) that are ordered for new structures or demands by land use changes.


Danny Garcia, Public Works Field Supervisor II
(818) 898-1293 |

The Water Production Division is responsible for all operations and maintenance of the City’s wells, booster pump stations, reservoirs and pressure regulation stations. Imported water is purchased from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California to supplement the local ground water supplies. There is an emergency connection to the City from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power water systems.


Ramiro Arias, Public Works Field Supervisor I
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Tony Salazar, Public Works Superintendent
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water conservationCity of San Fernando Water Conservation Program
Voluntary Conservation Measures in Place/Rebates Available for Reducing Water Usage

In accordance with statewide emergency water conservation measures due to drought conditions, the City has enacted local watering restrictions and a water conservation policy. The City’s guidelines for local water usage are contained in Chapter 94 (Utilities) of the San Fernando Municipal Code, under the Division titled “Water Conservation”. Under this section of the municipal code, the City Council has declared that a Phase II water shortage currently exists, and residents are encouraged to reduce water usage, especially outdoors.

Some basic steps that you can take to reduce water usage include the following:

  • Check your property for water leaks or running water;
  • Reduce water times for your lawn/outdoor landscaping;
  • Take shorter showers;
  • Run dishwashers or clothes washers only when full; and
  • Install water-saving devices for outdoor irrigation systems.

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) conservation requirement is 24% reduction. Click Here to view the City’s compliance. 

Also, since the City is a member of the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), property owners are eligible to participate in MWD-sponsored water conservation rebates and programs. Such programs include the purchase of high efficiency clothes washers and toilets, the installation of rain barrels to store and reuse rain water, and a $2 per square foot rebate for replacing turf with drought tolerant landscaping.

CITY HALL | Public Works Department

117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
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If you would like to find out more information on how you can conserve water, visit the Metropolitan Water District’s website:


Ramiro Arias, Public Works Field Supervisor I
(818) 898-1293 |


Chris Marcarello Deputy City Manager/ Public Works Director (818) 898-1237
Kenneth Jones Management Analyst (818) 898-1240
Maria Padilla Office Specialist (818) 898-1222


Manuel Fabian Civil Engineering Assistant II (818) 898-1243
Patsy Orozco Civil Engineering Assistant II (818) 898-1224


Tony Salazar Public Works Superintendent (818) 898-1298
Rodrigo Mora Public Works Superintendent (818) 898-7370
Lauren Guerra Public Works Administrative Coordinator (818) 898-1293
Angela Otremba Public Works Office Specialist (818) 898-7301
Danny Garica Public Works Field Supervisor II (818) 898-1298
Dale Warren Public Works Field Supervisor II (818) 898-1293
Ramiro Arias Public Works Field Supervisor I (818) 898-1298
Frank Avila Equipment & Materials Supervisor (818) 898-1295
Michael Walker Electrical Supervisor (818) 898-1297
Robert Davidson Public Works Senior Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
James Davis Public Works Senior Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
Octavio Senda Public Works Senior Maintenance Worker (818) 898-7370
Steve Watts Public Works Senior Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
Richard De La Pena Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
Miguel Flores Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
David Garcia Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
Marcos Llamas Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1298
Ruben Quintana Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1298
Jesus Sahagun Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1298
Frank Villalpando Public Works Maintenance Worker (818) 898-1293
Alex Mendez Water Pump Operator/ Backflow Technician (818) 898-1298
Engelbert Hernandez Building Maintenance Worker/ Electrical Helper (818) 898-1297
James Dean Mechanical Helper (818) 898-1295
Thomas Flores Public Works Maintenance Helper (p-t) (818) 898-7370


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