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Our many alleys, churches, schools and older commercial districts continue to set the stage for national television broadcasts including Sons of Anarchy, Myans M.C., Bosche, the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series, Jay Leno’s Garage, and Ray Donovan.

Understanding that time is money for production crews, the City of San Fernando offers a fast permitting process:

  • Photography and Film Production (P&FP) Permits are issued by the City Manager’s Office at San Fernando City Hall. 
  • All applicants are required to complete a Film Permit Application and remit the appropriate Application Fee. A completed application includes the application form, insurance certificate, production diagram, private property use form and acknowledgement signatures of residents, merchants, and/or businesses within a 500 foot radius of any filming activity.
  • Once a completed application is submitted to the City Manager’s Office, all documents will be forwarded and reviewed by the appropriate City departments (i.e., Public Works, Police, Recreation and Community Services) and, the City of Los Angeles Fire Department to determine what additional personnel/equipment/etc. will be required.
  • Film permit applications must generally be made at least 15 days prior to the desired film date. Additional working days are required for complicated shoots that involve pyrotechnics, special effects, road closures and traffic control.


CITY HALL | Administration Department

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Monday through Thursday | 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday | 8 am to 5 pm

  • Permit Application

A film permit is required for film, video or still photography shoots on public and private property within San Fernando city limits; see link below for current forms. Exemptions are granted to the news media, student films, or an individual taking photographs or video for non-commercial use.


  • Fees

Effective, March 7, 2016 and pursuant to Resolution No. 7727, the San Fernando City Council established an Application Fee that shall be remitted at such time as a film permit application is submitted. Application fees are as follows: $240 for applications submitted 15 calendar days or more prior to shoot; $300 for applications submitted less than 15 days prior to shoot.

The City of San Fernando film permit fee is $300 for the first day and $100 for each additional day. Additional fees will be charged at the prescribed rate for police or city personnel when they must be present at the scene. The use of any City-owned equipment, property or signs is also at an additional cost. Refer to our fee schedule. All fees must be paid to the City in advance of filming and any differences will be adjusted after the filming date. If estimated fees are less than the deposit, a refund will be processed upon completion of filming. If the City services received exceed the estimated fees, your company will be invoiced for the balance at net 30 terms.


  • Insurance

Applicants must provide their current insurance certificate naming the City of San Fernando, its officials and employees as additional insured with limits of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit. The insured endorsement must show a policy period that encompasses the filming dates and times, and shall be presented in the form as mandated by the California Film Commission. Applicants must conform to all applicable federal and state requirements for Worker’s Compensation Insurance for all persons operating under a permit.


  • Filming Dates and Times

Filming is allowed between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm, Monday through Saturday. Sunday filming is allowed from 9 am to 7 pm in commercial areas only. No Saturday or Sunday filming is allowed in residential areas. Requests for filming beyond the permitting hours must have the approval of the City Manager or his designee.


  • Filming Notification

A filming notification form must be distributed to all residents, merchants, and/or businesses within a 500 ft. radius of any filming activity and an acknowledgement signature must be obtained. Exceptional filming activities such as gunfire, special effects, helicopters, etc. may require notification to be distributed to a wider area as determined by the City Manager or his designee.


  • Site Clean-Up

The permittee shall conduct operations in an orderly fashion with ongoing attention to the storage of equipment not in use and the clean-up of trash and debris. The area used shall be cleaned of trash and debris upon completion of shooting at the scene and restored to the original condition before leaving the site. If the permittee fails to restore the scene to the original condition, the City reserves the right to clean and restore the scene and then charge the permittee for all associated costs.


  • City Personnel Requirements

San Fernando Police Officers are required at productions involving traffic diversion, intermittent traffic control, and shoots that require special effects or stunts which pose a potential for danger. The number of assigned officers is at the discretion of the Police Chief.


  • Site Parking

When parking production vehicles in residential neighborhoods, all vehicles must be parked on one side of the street. Such parking allows for the free movement of persons residing in the area and access for emergency vehicles.


  • No Parking Signs

Posting of “no parking” signs is not permitted in the San Fernando Mall and surrounding parking lots during peak shopping time (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), unless specifically authorized by the City Manager’s Office. When required, the City will provide and post all “no parking” signs. All posting must occur at least 24 hours prior to the start of the “no parking” period. Signs must indicate the dates and time the temporary “no parking” is in effect.


  • Overnight Parking

Overnight parking of vehicles on city streets is prohibited in San Fernando. Large productions involving multiple days of filming may request permission for overnight parking, which will be considered on a case-by-case by the City Manager’s Office.


Please visit the Forms section below for all current forms.


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Carlos Hernandez Assistant to the City Manager (818) 898-1226
Julie Duarte Executive Assistant to the City Manager (818) 898-1202


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