tel. (818) 898-1200      117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340

The Patrol Division has the primary responsibility for safeguarding the community through prevention of crime, suppression of criminal activity, apprehension of offenders, and regulation of traffic, and preliminary investigation of criminal offenses. 

The Patrol Division consists of:

  • Patrol Shifts
  • K-9 Unit
  • Communications
    • Dispatch Calls
    • Lobby Traffic
    • 9-1-1 Operators
    • Jailers
    • General Telephone Calls


  • Community Service Officers (parking enforcement)
  • Reserve Police Officers
  • Neighborhood Watch/Area Lead Officers
  • Special Response Team


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POLICE FACILITY | Patrol Division
910 First Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
Nichole Hanchett, Lieutenant
(818) 898-1258 |

Monday through Friday | 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
(818) 898-1279

Monday through Friday | 8:30 am to 5 pm
(818) 898-1256

Neighborhood Watch Meeting
POST PIC Business Watch
Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch are crime prevention and awareness programs that stresses education and common sense. It teaches residents and business owners to help themselves by identifying and reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods and our business districts. In addition, it provides residents and business owners with the opportunity to make their neighborhoods and business districts safer and improve the quality of life.

Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch also provides the opportunity for members of the community to meet and speak with guest speakers.



Irwin Rosenberg, Lieutenant
(818) 898-1255 |


For urgent parking matters, for example someone blocking a driveway, please call our Dispatch at 818 898-1267.


If you have received a parking citation and wish to dispute it, you may do so online or US mail. Appeals must be submitted within 21 days, otherwise, your right to appeal will expire. Once you have appealed the citation and would like to provide additional information, please feel free to email us via the below link.

Please Note: There is no street sweeping and parking enforcement on holidays.

P.O. Box 2081 Tustin, Ca  92781


Crime Maps are a monthly view of Part 1 crimes that have been reported to the San Fernando Police Department. Part 1 crimes consist of Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Larceny, Arson and Auto Theft.


The San Fernando Police Department Blotter provides residents with information on activity that has occurred in the community. The Blotter data is accumulated from requests for service from the community and offer initiated activity. Sometimes that true nature of the incident differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided.

Nine-one-one is the number to call to get help in a police, fire or medical emergency. A 9-1-1 call is transmitted over dedicated phone lines to the 9-1-1 answering point closest to the caller. Trained personnel then send emergency help as needed.

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El nueve-once es el número de teléfono para recibir asistencia policiaca, de incendio o emergencia médica. La llamada al 9-1-1 se trasmite sobre una línea telefónica dedicada al  centro del 9-1-1 más cercano. Personal entrenado  manda  la asistencia de emergencia necesaria.

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The San Fernando Police Department is always looking for qualified and motivated individuals to become Police Officers.

LATERAL ENTRY: Applicants must be currently employed as a full-time sworn paid Police Officer in the State of California with a Municipal, County or State law enforcement agency and have passed that department's probation period. Applicant shall possess a California POST basic certificate.

PRE-SERVICE TRAINED: In addition to the minimum qualifications included in the job bulletin, applicant must be enrolled at the time of application, or have successfully completed within the twelve month period immediately prior to date of application, a POST approved police officer training academy program; and have not served as a sworn police officer for a law enforcement agency. A reserve police officer training academy is not acceptable. Successful completion of the academy is required prior to appointment.

ENTRY LEVEL: The City of San Fernando is also accepting applications for entry level candidates on an on-going basis until all open positions are filled. Priority is given to lateral and preservice candidates as described in this flyer. Entry level candidates must meet the qualifications/special requirements listed and successfully pass the oral interview, a PELLTB written examination achieving a minimum score of 42, and complete the Physical Agilities Test, which includes completing the 1½ mile run in under 15 minutes. Additionally, the process will require passing background review, psychological examination, polygraph and medical examination. Successful candidates may then be sponsored into a local police academy as a police officer recruit.

SFPD-K9Alex41Our K-9 program was founded in 1987.

Since February 2011, Officer Walter Dominguez has been assigned to the canine unit. In 2017, K9 Loki, who is a three (3) year old Belgian Malinois, dual purpose dog, who is trained for patrol and narcotics detection, joined Officer Dominguez and the San Fernando Police Department canine unit.

The primary initiative of the K9 team is to search for and locate suspects, evidence, narcotics that can be linked to a specific crime.



(818) 898-1267

  • Review Qualifications and Applicant Information form; see Forms Section below for the current form.
  • Download application from website or pick up from City Hall, Personnel Division; see Forms Section below for the current application form.
  • Return completed and signed application to the Police Department.
  • Qualified individuals will be invited to the interview process.
  • Upon successful completion of the interview process, a background process will be initiated.


Carlos Fandino, Lieutenant
(818) 898-1262 |

The San Fernando Police Department formed the Special Response Team to try and counter an ever-increasing propensity for violence in our community, as in other communities throughout the country. The SRT is comprised of selected members of the Department which have shown exemplary work ethics. Those officers then received extensive tactical training above and beyond that of other officers.  The SRT has operated with no budget and little cost to the City. 

The mission of the SRT is to provide the Department with the capability to safely resolve high-risk situations. Some examples of these types of situations are:

  • Active shooter scenarios
  • Hostage situations
  • Barricaded suspects
  • Suicidal subjects (Armed)
  • High risk search warrants/raids
  • High risk arrests
  • VIP protection details
  • Other situations where the likelihood of armed resistance appears great


(818) 898-1267 

 Anonymous Crime Tips (818) 831-5002 | English, Spanish, Korean, Armenian
 Automatic License Plate Reader Policy CLICK HERE to View the Current Policy
 Disaster & Storm Preparedness CLICK HERE to Visit the Disaster & Storm Preparedness Page
 Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)  (800) 540-4000 
 Crime Maps CLICK HERE to View Crime Maps in San Fernando
 Earthquake Safety Guide
 Elder and Dependent Abuse Hotline  (877) 477-3646 
 Los Angeles County Sheriff's Inmate Locator
 National Domestic Violence Hotline  (800) 799-7233 
 National Suicide Prevention Hotline  (800) 273-8255 
 Police Blotter CLICK HERE to View the Police Blotter
 SFPD Policy Manual CLICK HERE to View the San Fernando Police Department Policy Manual
 SFPD Policy Manual: Rape Elimination Section CLICK HERE to View the San Fernando Police Department Policy Manual: Rape Elimination Section
 Restraining Orders  Chatsworth Court House | 9425 Penfield Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91331
 Monday through Thursday | 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 p to 4:30 pm
 Friday | 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
 Sign up for Public Safety Alerts
 Valley Family Center  (818) 365-8588 |
 Victims Assistance Program  (800) 380-3811 | 
 Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)  (877) 411-5588 |


Anthony Vairo Chief of Police (818) 898-1250
Nichole Hanchett Police Lieutenant - Patrol Commander (818) 898-1258
Irwin Rosenberg Police Lieutenant - Detective Commander (818) 898-1255


Jorge Cervantes Police Officer - Detective (818) 898-1286
Alex Licea Police Officer - Detective (818) 898-1261
Hector Torres Police Officer - Detective (818) 898-1260


Benny Simonzad Police Sergeant (818) 898-1284
Walter Dominguez Police Sergeant (818) 898-1284
Vacant Police Sergeant (818) 898-1284
Paul Ventimiglia Police Sergeant (818) 898-1284
CJ Chiasson Police Sergeant - Parking Enforcement Disputes (818) 898-1254


CJ Chiasson Police Sergeant (818) 898-1254


Sylvia Ortega Police Records Administrator  (818) 898-1281
Elena Gonzalez Police Administrative Assistant  (818) 898-1250
Connie Negrete  Police Records Specialist  (818) 898-1280
Kallista Uribe Police Records Specialist (p-t) (818) 898-1283
Trevor Tauber Property Control Officer  (818) 898-1277
Danette Guzman  Police Desk Officer  (818) 898-1267
Manuel Lizarraga  Police Desk Officer  (818) 898-1267
Mario Mariscal  Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Marlene Martinez  Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Ivan Moran Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Jessica Ramirez Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Genesis Rueda Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Javier Ruvalcaba Police Desk Officer (818) 898-1267
Anthony Belden Community Service Officer (818) 898-1267
Kathy Cabrera Community Service Officer (818) 898-1267
Elizabeth Padilla Community Service Officer (p-t) (818) 898-1267
Vacant Community Service Officer (p-t) (818) 898-1267
Emily Medina Junior Cadet (p-t) (818) 898-1279
Janet Sandoval Junior Cadet (p-t) (818) 898-1279
Ailita Torosyan Junior Cadet (p-t) (818) 898-1279


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