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The City of San Fernando is a general law city with a Council/Manager form of government. The City Council consists of five members who are elected at large to overlapping terms of four years and annually select one of their members to serve as Mayor.

The next General Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and will be consolidated with the Los Angeles County General Election. Registered voters in the City of San Fernando will have the opportunity to elect:  


  • TWO COUNCILMEMBERS FOR A TERM OF FOUR YEARS (seats are presently occupied by incumbents Joel Fajardo and Robert C. Gonzales)

Candidates for Member of the City Council for the Full Four-Year Terms (two City Council Seats)*

      • Cindy Montañez
      • Joel Fajardo
      • Magaly Colelli
      • Celeste Rodriguez 

  • ONE COUNCILMEMBER FOR A TERM OF TWO YEARS (seat is currently occupied by Councilmember Mary Mendoza who was appointed by City Council to complete the unfinished term of former Councilmember Antonio Lopez)

Candidates for Member of the City Council for the Two-Year Term (one City Council Seat)*

      • David Chiapa Bernal
      • Mary Mendoza   

* In accordance with Elections Code section 13112(b)(1)(C)(i), the Secretary of State’s office conducted a drawing of letters of the alphabet in determining the official placement of candidates’ names on the ballot.  



San Fernando voters will also be presented with one (1) tax-related ballot measure. The measure entitled Keep Sales Tax Revenues Local Measure SF which poses the following question: To ensure that the maximum amount of sales tax revenues generated in San Fernando remain in San Fernando, and to increase funding for street and sidewalk improvements; public infrastructure; local business reinvestment; public Wi-Fi; long-term debt reduction; wages and other general municipal purposes, shall the existing transactions and use tax rate be increased from the current rate of 1/2% to a new rate of 3/4% to raise approximately $1,100,000 annually?  

SYNOPSIS OF MEASURE SF TO BE VOTED ON: The Measure would increase City’s existing one half of one percent (1/2%) transactions (sales) and use tax indefinitely to a new rate of three quarters of one percent (3/4%).  This tax was first approved by San Fernando voters at a Special Election held in June of 2013.  The transactions and use tax is paid in addition to the existing County-wide sales tax on sales of tangible goods and is collected at the same time and in much the same manner as general Statewide sales tax.  At an increased rate of 3//4%, the tax  would adds approximately 75¢ to a retail purchase of $100 or three-fourths of a penny to a purchase of $1.00.  Because the tax is structured as a “general tax” within the meaning of Proposition 218, its proceeds may be used for any governmental or other public purpose, including, but not limited to, street and sidewalk improvements; public infrastructure; local business reinvestment; public Wi-Fi; long-term debt reduction; personnel costs; further restoration of the City’s emergency “rainy day” fund and any other general municipal purpose.  The Measure will continue to require the annual preparation of a publicly available report that tells how much revenue was collected under the tax and how those monies were used.  Because the tax continues to be structured as a general tax, it must be approved by at least a simple majority (50% plus 1) of votes cast by San Fernando voters at the City’s General Municipal Election of November 3, 2020. 



The City Clerk’s Office is available to answer questions. A response is usually available within 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays, in which case it will be the next business day. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) provides free, expert advice. The FPPC contact information is as follows: Toll free (866) ASK FPPC (275-3772) Online at All campaign forms are available on the FPPC website. The City Clerk’s office will also include copies in the handbook for your reference.

Candidates and committees must file the original campaign statements with the City Clerk’s office:

City Clerk’s Office |  City of San Fernando
117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
Phone: (818) 898-0710 | Fax: (818) 361-7631 |


L.A. County is making voting as safe as possible, and modernizing how you cast your ballot! This year, there are more ways to cast your ballot than ever.  


Don’t wait until Election Day! The safest way to cast your ballot is to Vote by Mail. You rely on the Postal Service to send your tax returns, receive credit cards, and get a driver’s license. Keep your vote secure and Vote by Mail in 2020.

All registered voters in LA County will be mailed a Vote by Mail ballot. All you have to do is fill out your ballot, mail it and make sure it’s postmarked by Election Day. No postage is required!

You can check the status of your ballot to confirm it was received and tallied through our Vote by Mail Status Tool at Vote by Mail is the safest and most accessible voting option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vote early, vote by mail, and stay healthy!  


The Vote by Mail Ballot Drop Box program started in 2017 as an initiative to provide voters with a secure alternative option for returning their ballot. In the March 2020 Primary Election, the number of boxes throughout the County expanded to 206. These boxes remained secure and accessible throughout the entire voting period. In the 2020 Presidential General Election there will be more than 400 secure Drop Boxes throughout the County, including two in the City of San Fernando, giving voters a safe, accessible and contact free method to return their ballot during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Vote By Mail Ballot Drop Box Locations in San Fernando

  • City Hall Council Chambers – 117 Macneil St, San Fernando (corner of Macneil St and First St)
  • Pioneer Park – 828 Harding Ave, San Fernando (near the Snack Bar)    

Download Vote By Mail Drop Box Checklist: ENGLISH

Ballot Drop Box City Hall
Ballot Drop Box Pioneer Park

While the safest option is to Vote by Mail or bring your ballot to one of the secure drop-off locations, L.A. County is making in-person voting as safe as possible, and modernizing how you cast your ballot!

In San Fernando, voters have 5 consecutive days and Election Day to vote in-person at ANY participating Vote Center. Our Vote Centers will be safe, secure and follow all public health and safety guidelines. To find your nearest Vote Center, go to And you can also vote in-person at our Mobile Vote Centers! Mobile Vote Centers will be at historic landmarks, parks, farmer’s markets, zoos and stadiums so we can bring voting to the voters! To find your nearest Mobile Vote Center, go to  

Download Safe Vote Center Plan: ENGLISH


Save time at your local Vote Center with the Interactive Sample Ballot! If you plan to vote in person, a convenient way to reduce the time you spend at a Vote Center is to make your selections before leaving the house.

Using a computer, mobile phone or personal device, you can review your ballot information and make your selections. After going through the selection process, the Interactive Sample Ballot creates a Poll Pass (QR code) – like an airline boarding pass. At the Vote Center, you will scan the Poll Pass to instantly transfer your selections to the Ballot Marking Device (BMD).

Click Here to get started with your interactive Sample Ballot



Having a single day to vote in-person is now a thing of the past. Voters in San Fernando will now have 5 consecutive days to vote in-person at any Vote Center in San Fernando. During the voting period, Vote Centers will be open from 10 AM to 7 PM during the 10 days prior to Election Day. On Election Day, all Vote Centers will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM. 

Vote Centers in San Fernando

  • Las Palmas Park – 505 S. Huntington St, San Fernando
  • Recreation Park – 208 Park Ave, San Fernando
  • Mission City Church – 777 Maclay Ave, San Fernando
  • San Fernando Library – 217 Maclay Ave, San Fernando
  • First United Methodist Church of San Fernando – 1525 Glenoaks Blvd, San Fernando    

Vote Safe In-Person

The Los Angeles County/Registrar-Recorder will provide safe and secure Vote Centers that follow all of the public health and safety guidelines, such as:

  • Social distancing of 6 feet 
  • Election Workers wearing protective gloves and masks 
  • Wiping down surfaces and Ballot Marking Devices after every voter 
  • Limiting the number of voters in the voting area at one time    

Vote Center Locator


To learn more about the new voting system and its components, please click the links below.



CITY HALL | City Clerk Department
117 Macneil Street, San Fernando, CA 91340
Julia Fritz, City Clerk
(818) 898-1204 |

Monday through Thursday | 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday | 8 am to 5 pm

Julia Fritz City Clerk (818) 898-1204
Cynthia Alba Deputy City Clerk/Management Analyst (818) 898-7318


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