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Effective February 1, 2012, Assembly Bill 26 (AB 26) dissolved all redevelopment agencies in the state of California, including the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency.  AB 26, and subsequent amendments, prescribed wind-down procedures to identify and certify all obligations of each former redevelopment agency, request former tax increment funds to meet certified obligations, and ultimately satisfy all redevelopment agency debts.  The legal responsibility for winding down operations of former redevelopment agencies was transferred to designated successor entities, called Successor Agencies.


Local governments were given the option to retain some control over the wind down process by electing to become the Successor Agency for their former redevelopment agency.  The actions of the Successor Agency are subject to approval by a seven member Oversight Board, which consists of representative from each major taxing entity that receives a share of local property tax.  The City has two representatives on the Oversight Board.


On August 15, 2011, the City of San Fernando adopted Resolution No. 7452 electing to serve as the Successor Agency to the San Fernando Redevelopment Agency. The assets and debts of the former San Fernando Redevelopment Agency transferred to the Successor Agency by law on February 1, 2012. The Successor Agency has all the authority, rights, powers, duties, and obligations previously vested with the former redevelopment agency under the Community Redevelopment Law except for those that were repealed, restricted, or revised by AB 26 (the primary restriction being the Successor Agency cannot incur any new debt, only pay down existing debt).


The Successor Agency is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of the members of the City Council, with the Mayor and Vice Mayor serving as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.   Regular meetings of the Board are the first and third Monday of each month to coincide with the regular meetings of the City Council. The City Manager is designated as the Executive Director, the City Clerk as Secretary, and the City Treasurer as the Finance Officer of the Successor Agency.


The Successor Agency’s statutory functions include: making payments against approved enforceable obligations in accordance with a recognized obligation payment schedule (ROPS); continuing to collect loans, rents and other revenue on behalf of the former redevelopment agency; continuing to oversee maintenance and development of properties until the contracted work has been completed; and, disposing of assets and properties of the former redevelopment agency as directed by the Oversight Board. The Successor Agency also prepares administrative budgets and ROPS for review and approval by the Oversight Board and state Department of Finance.


Documents from the former Redevelopment Agency, the Successor Agency, and the Oversight Board are posted on this webpage as they become available.


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The Community Development Department assists in the implementation of the City’s Redevelopment Project Area Plans for all of the City’s redevelopment project areas. 

The redevelopment project area plans are as follows:

The Community Development Department works closely with the residential, commercial, and industrial development community to assist in all phases of any proposed developments contained within the boundaries of our City while taking into consideration redevelopment project area goals and development requirements. In concert with this development assistance role, the Department also assists in the City’s proactive marketing efforts; monitoring the availability of development sites, as well as vacant and under-utilized commercial properties throughout the City as well as within the existing redevelopment project areas.

Previously approved planning documents applicable to the City’s redevelopment project areas also include:

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